A New Answering Service Company Is Born: AnswerAide

If you had told me ten years ago that I was going to start an answering service company, I would have said to you that you’re crazy! However, after owning a landscaping company I’ve learned first hand how important it is to have a great receptionist.

As a company grows, you need more help. However, you’re not always bringing in enough money to cover that extra help yet. If you own or manage a service-based business, you have to hope that everyone is going to show up. When they don’t, you may have to go out in the field. So if you usually help or are the only one that is answering the phones, you are going to be missing many calls. In the landscaping industry, this is common, and I think why I pulled so much of my hair out. Regardless of whether you do it in-house or outsource your calls, you need to make sure every call is answered.

My History Using Answering Services

So in between the time, I hired my receptionist, and the times that the call volume became too much I tried to use a couple of different answering service companies. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little OCD, and so there were a few things that just drove me crazy. For one why do you need to round my minutes up? Charge me for what I use. The next thing that drove me crazy was that everything is spelled checked. I’m surprised they didn’t verify the spelling of the company name that they are calling. The third thing that drove me crazy is they couldn’t pronounce our city name correctly.

So I think when I first moved to Saint Augustine, I pronounced it wrong too. However, when a receptionist says your city wrong, you lose the local business feeling. You may be wondering if I’m saying we can magically say every name correctly, sorry we can’t. We have one client’s city that still trips me up occasionally when I try to say Sioux Falls. So now you are probably asking, well then what makes you better? The answer is simple, technology! Your lead gives us their address, and the location starts to auto-populate. So after they give us the street address, we will confirm the zip code with them.

AnswerAide Tries To Use A Common Sense Approach

Who doesn’t know how to spell Katie, Dave, Mark, Marcus, and all the other common names out there? Sure some you will question, and some will have variations. However, I don’t believe you need to spell every single name. Sure if the answering service company isn’t sure he or she should verify the information. However, when you force your receptionists to everything to every single client or lead you are just trying to burn through more of your customer’s minutes. That’s just not right, in my opinion! The only exception to this rule that we make is when it comes to an email address. The reason is there are a lot of similar-sounding names; for example, alliance and reliance. We don’t want to run up your minutes, and we want to make sure you have the correct information.

What Our Answering Service Company Does Differently

So with our answering service company, AnswerAide, we will only bill you for the time you use, no rounding up. We will take the information given to us and spell back just what we need clarification on, and the email address every time.

We want to provide a service that will help your business grow and not frustrate you. If there is anything that we do that you don’t like just let us know. We will see if we can do it differently.