Every Minute Counts
So Let Us Handle Your Calls For You!

Small business owners are overwhelmed with a high number of calls.
At AnswerAide, our trained receptionists handle your calls so you can focus on what you do best.

Missed Calls Are Missed Opportunities

Quality Call Answering Services Help Increase Your Sales

You can’t be everywhere all the time. Unfortunately, we live in the era of instant gratification, and when a customer or potential client calls, they expect their call will be answered. If the call isn’t answered, they will keep calling your competitors until someone answers the phone.

When you hire AnswerAide for your live answering services, we come to your rescue by answering your calls when you can’t. We never sleep, so it doesn’t matter if that caller wants an estimate at 3 am, or a client wants to schedule an appointment at 12 pm.

When you have every call answered with a professional and friendly voice, your callers’ satisfaction and sales are bound to increase too.

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Our Quality Answering Service Can Save Your Company Money

Small business owners are overwhelmed with a high number of calls.
At AnswerAide, our trained receptionists handle your calls so you can focus on what you do best.

The Benefits of Using Our Quality Call Answering Service

Save Time and Money

Using a quality answering service will cost much less than training someone and then pay them to be there all day. Most answering services only charge only a tiny fraction of what another employee would cost.

If you do hire and train someone, that may not always work out either. They may get a better offer, find they don’t like it, or not have their heart in it. Then you have to start all over again. How much time and money are you losing when you have to train someone new?

Dedicated Account Manager

We want your company to be successful and succeed, which is why we assign you with a dedicated account manager. We’ll review your account to make sure everything is set up correctly and optimized.

Owned and Operated in The USA

Our call center and all of our employees are based in the United States. We do not outsource our answering services to any other country. When someone calls in, they want to communicate clearly with the person on the other end of the phone. We will always value quality over saving a buck.

Therefore, no matter the time of day or night, we’ll answer your calls 24/7 in the USA.

How Our Telephone Answering Service Works

Send Us Your Calls

After you sign up for service, we’ll start working on your account set up, which will normally be completed in one to two business days. We’ll then send you an email that contains your account information, including your forwarding phone number. You can either start forwarding your calls to us or give out the number we assign you. As soon as you start sending us your calls, our answering service receptionists will answer your calls.

We'll Send Your Call Details

We’ll send you the details of your calls per your instructions. We’ll either patch your calls to you, send you an email or text message, and/or submit the data to your CRM.

Why You Should Hire AnswerAide?

AnswerAide will always go above and beyond for your company and your callers. We treat your callers like we treat ours, and we treat our callers like family. We want you to be successful because as you become more successful, the more successful AnswerAide. If you want a quality answering service that will make you shine, then AnswerAide is the correct choice for you.

Capture Every Lead

We try to handle as much as possible. One of the things we can do is integrate with your CRM and import any new leads directly into your software. We’re always available; you’ll never miss a prospective customer.

Customizable For You

No two businesses are the same, nor are your requirements. We can customize everything to fit your needs. For example, we can send you your messages through your preferred communication method and even change it based on the time of day.

Peronalized Calls

All callers receive prompt and friendly service. Our operators can recognize return callers and personalize their experience. Of course, we can disable this feature if it doesn’t fit your company’s culture.

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Features Included With Our
Answering Service

Request more information below if you are ready to partner with an answering service that will help increase your caller’s satisfaction, and give you more time.

We're Always Here For You

Our receptionist service is available to your business 24/7/365, including holidays. All calls are answered in the United States.

Notifications On Your Terms

Receive notifications about your calls the way you prefer. We can send you an email, text message, or a slack message. You can receive different notifications at different times of days

Call Patching

Do you need to transfer certain callers to you or your staff? If so, we can set up rules for call patching, also known as call forwarding.

Local or Toll Free Numbers

Do you want to give the impression of a national brand? We have toll-free numbers available! If you prefer to appear local, we can assign you any local number in the US.

Call Handling

We are much more than an answering service! In addition to accepting your inbound calls, we can make follow-up calls to your existing leads and clients.

CRM & Software Integration

We can integrate with most CRMs on the market, which saves you time.


Integrations can make everyone’s life easier. AnswerAide can integrate with the CRM of your choice. Don’t see the software that you use below? No biggie, we are techies, and there shouldn’t be any issues connecting the software you prefer to AnswerAide.

Our Quality Answering Service Can Save Your Company Money

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide 800, 888, 866, 844, 833, or any other toll-free number that your company needs. You may give the number directly to your callers or forward your calls to this toll-free number.

If your software supports webhooks or has an API, we can submit the caller’s information to your CRM or software. When we submit this information you won’t have to worry about entering the data we have already collected.

Yes, AnswerAide is based in the United States, and we will never outsource our services to any other countries. We require our employees to successfully complete a communication and written assessments before starting to work for us.

Our business hours are 9 am-8 pm EST. However, our call center and operations run 24/7/365.

You’ll save money using a live answering service and increase your sales and caller’s satisfaction. Our service costs less than hiring another employee because you pay for the services you will use. If you are a new company or want to try our services, we offer a free answering service to start you off.

All you need to do is forward your calls to us, and therefore you don’t need any equipment.

Unless you advise us to tell your clients that we are an answering or receptionist service, they normally will not know. We assign you a phone number to forward your calls to you, and when that number rings, your account pops-up on the answering service agent’s screen so that they know the call is for your company. They will then answer the call with your company’s greeting.

AnswerAide stands out from the competition because we go the extra mile for our customers. We utilize the most current technology; for example, we invest in the best headsets. By having great headsets, your callers won’t hear any background noise, and your callers will not hear other agents in the background. We also monitor our agents to verify they are servicing every call with the exceptional service that we require. AnswerAide also requires every employee to pass our communication and written assessments to verify they represent your company professionally.

Above all, we value all of our customers and love it when they refer us to other businesses. The best way to earn referrals is to provide exceptional service, and we do this every day for all of our callers.

We know you will love our answering service, so we give new customers a fifteen-day or thirty-minute satisfaction guarantee. Let us know if you are unsatisfied for any reason before you reach thirty minutes or your fifteenth day. If we can’t make it right, we’ll give you a refund for your monthly service.

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