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Reduce Costs and Improve Your Customer Satisfaction By Outsourcing Your Contact Center

Growing a business is expensive, and we believe costs shouldn’t hold you back from growing your company. Whether you are growing your business, expanding, or looking to reduce costs, you will save money by outsourcing your customer support needs.

When you outsource with Answer Aide, we handle all your customer service needs. We will train our staff to use your software, answer all your calls, respond to emails and chats, and perform additional administrative and secretarial tasks.

Answer Aide can assist your company whether you are looking for 1 dedicated person to be your office assistant or need 100 customer service representatives to handle all your customer support and sales needs.

How We Help Businesses Grow

Reduce Payroll Costs

You will no longer need to pay for federal or state taxes, unemployment insurance, health care, or time-off. You won't need a large offices, cover over-head, furniture, or supplies.

Reduce Overhead Costs

You will need less space in your office when you outsource your contact center, which will increase your profits.

Reduce Phone Costs

We can host your phone numbers, which will eliminate your phone bill saving your company thousands.

Increase Satisfaction

We monitor our customer service representatives to ensure they are providing quality customer service.

Scale With Your Business

We can add professional customer service representatives temporarily or on an ongoing basis.

No More Headaches

No more worrying about your staff running late, calling out, or quitting without notice.

Account Manager

Your account manager is always available and will make outsourcing to a call center simple.

We Earn Your Business

We know you’ll love our service, so we don’t feel the need to lock you into any long-term contracts.

Based In The USA

All of our customer support staff is based in the United States. We’ll never sacrifice quality to save a buck.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center with AnswerAide

Trained to Your Company’s Standards

When you outsource your customer support to AnswerAide, we’ll ensure that you receive experienced agents representing your company. All customer service representatives will go through extensive training to your company’s standard.

Increase Reliability

Employees get sick, run late, and will occasionally quit without notice. You won’t need to worry about any downtime because we keep at least one additional employee ready to take over if something happens.

24/7 Coverage When You Need It

Some companies only need service 8 hours a day, while others need it 24/7. When you outsource your contact center with AnswerAide, we’re here when you need us. When you first sign up, you can let us know how many customer service agents you need and what time frames. We will help monitor your call stats and recommend any changes you may need to make during certain time periods.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center with AnswerAide

Sales Calls

We are your Brand Ambassador, and we are ready to answer all questions that your caller may have about a product or service.

Support Calls

We’ll ready to assist your callers with troubleshooting issues with their product or answer any billing questions.


Our agents can process payments for your callers through your CRM or merchant account.


When your clients send you an email, we’ll be ready to reply and assist them with the necessary information

Online Chat

Customers prefer different communication methods. With AnswerAide, we’ll cover your online chat, so that no client gets left behind.

Social Media Accounts

Customers will leave comments and send messages on your social media accounts, and AnswerAide will be ready to respond promptly.

Dispatching Jobs

We’ll route and dispatch your service jobs that need scheduling.

Order Processing

A customer may call with a question, and then decide to purchase. No worries, we’ll see them through from start to finish.

Based In The USA

All of our customer support staff is based in the United States. We’ll never sacrifice quality to save a buck.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center with AnswerAide

1. Tell Us Your Needs

Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and why you are looking to outsource your call center. We will work with you to improve your customer support and deliver an excellent customer experience to give your brand the excellent reputation that it deserves.

2. Go Over the Details

Once we know everything your business needs, we’ll send over a detailed proposal for your company. After you review it and give us the green light, we’ll create an agreement to outsource your customer service through AnswerAide.

3. Meet Your Account Manager

We’ll set up a time to meet with your dedicated account manager to go over your company’s details. We’ll go over your company’s policies and procedures during this time.

4. We Build Your Team

Employees get sick, run late, and will occasionally quit without notice. You won’t need to worry about any downtime because we keep at least one additional employee ready to take over if something happens.

5. Rockstar Training Starts

It’s time to start getting your new customer support agents trained to your company’s standards. Once training is completed, the representatives will know your brand, the software you use and be prepared to be your new rockstars.

6. Sit back and Relax

Your new representatives are ready to go, so you can start to relax because we have you covered. Representatives will be monitored to assure quality assurance, and any issues will be addressed immediately to prevent future issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide 800, 888, 866, 844, 833, or any other toll-free number that your company needs. You may give the number directly to your callers or forward your calls to this toll-free number.

If your software supports webhooks or has an API, we can submit the caller’s information to your CRM or software. When we submit this information you won’t have to worry about entering the data we have already collected.

Yes, AnswerAide is based in the United States, and we will never outsource our services to any other countries. We require our employees to successfully complete a communication and written assessments before starting to work for us.

Our business hours are 9 am-8 pm EST. However, our call center and operations run 24/7/365.

You’ll save money using a live answering service and increase your sales and caller’s satisfaction. Our service costs less than hiring another employee because you pay for the services you will use. If you are a new company or want to try our services, we offer a free answering service to start you off.

All you need to do is forward your calls to us, and therefore you don’t need any equipment.

Unless you advise us to tell your clients that we are an answering or receptionist service, they normally will not know. We assign you a phone number to forward your calls to you, and when that number rings, your account pops-up on the answering service agent’s screen so that they know the call is for your company. They will then answer the call with your company’s greeting.

AnswerAide stands out from the competition because we go the extra mile for our customers. We utilize the most current technology; for example, we invest in the best headsets. By having great headsets, your callers won’t hear any background noise, and your callers will not hear other agents in the background. We also monitor our agents to verify they are servicing every call with the exceptional service that we require. AnswerAide also requires every employee to pass our communication and written assessments to verify they represent your company professionally.

Above all, we value all of our customers and love it when they refer us to other businesses. The best way to earn referrals is to provide exceptional service, and we do this every day for all of our callers.

We know you will love our answering service, so we give new customers a fifteen-day or thirty-minute satisfaction guarantee. Let us know if you are unsatisfied for any reason before you reach thirty minutes or your fifteenth day. If we can’t make it right, we’ll give you a refund for your monthly service.

We Know Our Software

There are thousands of different software platforms out in the world. We are familiar with the software listed below but don’t worry if you don’t see the program you use or if your company has a custom CRM. AnswerAide is able to work with all CRMs and software.

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