Answering Service Pricing & Plans2022-02-24T16:52:49-05:00

Our Answering Service Pricing

AnswerAide’s answering service pricing is very competitive, which is why we publish our pricing. We will help you grow your business while saving you money. You will receive all the benefits of a full-time receptionist for just a fraction of the cost.

answering service satisfaction guarantee

20 Minutes

  • + $1.65 each additional minute

125 Minutes

  • + $1.50 each additional minute

450 Minutes

  • + $1.30 each additional minute

1,000 Minutes

  • + $1.20 each additional minute

2,500 Minutes

  • + $1.10 each additional minute

5,000 Minutes

  • + 99¢ each additional minute

Need more minutes or a custom plan?

How We Charge for Our Answering Service

Some of our answering service competitors will bill you 13 times a year by charging you every 28 days in their pricing. AnswerAide will charge you the same day every month. So, if you sign up on the 14th, you will only be charged on the 14th of every month.

We do not charge out-of-office hours, taxes, or holiday charges. We do have a one-time $50 charge for our basic account setup.

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying About AnswerAide

Marie Herbert

We have used AnswerAide for about four months and are extremely happy with their call answering service. I actually feel like they are part of our staff! At first, I was concerned and probably drove them crazy; however, they were always patient with me, and I wish I signed up sooner.

Tori Priebe

AnswerAide does a great job at helping us answering our phones when we get overloaded. Highly recommend!

Andrea Agustin

AnswerAide has been a life-saver for our company! The services have freed us up so we can tackle more projects and continue to grow.

Lewis Rose

I have had a great experience with AnswerAide--the personnel is efficient, amiable, and professional. Having this service has helped my own business excel since having a live person answer calls 24/7 shows top-notch customer service. It's a valuable addition to my business, and I'm pleased with how AnswerAide has worked to deliver what I need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers.

Do you provide toll-free numbers?2021-03-11T15:25:10-05:00

Yes, we can provide 800, 888, 866, 844, 833, or any other toll-free number that your company needs. You may give the number directly to your callers or forward your calls to this toll-free number.

Will you use our software?2021-01-25T11:28:24-05:00

If your software supports webhooks or has an API, we can submit the caller’s information to your CRM or software. When we submit this information you won’t have to worry about entering the data we have already collected.

What are your working hours?2021-01-18T21:54:38-05:00

Our business hours are 9 am-8 pm EST. However, our call center and operations run 24/7/365.

Is it expensive to hire an answering service?2021-01-17T21:20:04-05:00

You’ll save money using a live answering service and increase your sales and caller’s satisfaction. Our service costs less than hiring another employee because you pay for the services you will use. If you are a new company or want to try our services, we offer a free answering service to start you off.

Are there any equipment or downloads that are required to start with an answering service?2021-01-17T21:25:58-05:00

All you need to do is forward your calls to us, and therefore you don’t need any equipment.

Will my clients know they are speaking to an answering service?2021-01-17T22:14:58-05:00

Unless you advise us to tell your clients that we are an answering or receptionist service, they normally will not know. We assign you a phone number to forward your calls to you, and when that number rings, your account pops-up on the answering service agent’s screen so that they know the call is for your company. They will then answer the call with your company’s greeting.

How are you different from other answering services?2021-01-17T22:55:36-05:00

AnswerAide stands out from the competition because we go the extra mile for our customers. We utilize the most current technology; for example, we invest in the best headsets. By having great headsets, your callers won’t hear any background noise, and your callers will not hear other agents in the background. We also monitor our agents to verify they are servicing every call with the exceptional service that we require. AnswerAide also requires every employee to pass our communication and written assessments to verify they represent your company professionally.

Above all, we value all of our customers and love it when they refer us to other businesses. The best way to earn referrals is to provide exceptional service, and we do this every day for all of our callers.

How does your satisfaction guarantee work?2021-01-17T23:03:39-05:00

We know you will love our answering service, so we give new customers a fifteen-day or thirty-minute satisfaction guarantee. Let us know if you are unsatisfied for any reason before you reach thirty minutes or your fifteenth day. If we can’t make it right, we’ll give you a refund for your monthly service.