5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

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The Value of Great Customer Service & How You Can Improve Your Customer Service What key components make up a great business? There are many factors that play into having a successful, thriving company, but aside from the quality of the actual work you perform for your clientele, great [...]

Answering Service For Cleaning Companies During COVID-19

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How An Answering Service For A Clean Company, Can Assist During These Changing Times Never before has thorough cleaning been more vital to running our society than it is now; the world is on edge and as many are struggling to adapt to life post-COVID 19, it seems our [...]

Medical Answering Service During Covid-19

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Medical Answering Service Facts It's certainly no secret that Covid-19 has forced most businesses to rapidly adjust to new protocols, while devastating others to the bleak point of extinction. If your medical office is fortunate to have survived this worldwide crisis, the following information is just for you! You [...]

Receptionist vs Virtual Administrative Assistant

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The Hiring Debacle Have you ever wondered how you can grow your business AND save big on monthly/yearly expenses? Of course, you have, and it is our pleasure to offer a better way to optimize how you operate your customer service! Let's be honest: virtual administrative assistants, receptionists and customer [...]

5 Certain Benefits To Using A Live Inbound Answering Service

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You and your staff have a lot on your plate already. By hiring a live inbound answering service, you can streamline your business, saving time, money, and improving your customer satisfaction.   There are five major ways that a live inbound answering service can help your small business.   1. INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  The main reason you should [...]

Keep Your Company Running During COVID-19

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Keep Your Company Running During COVID-19 COVID-19 has changed the way all of us do business. While a lot of companies are starting to reopen up, government restrictions and budgets are going to be creating a lot of restrictions and cutbacks. However, a lot of your customers are going to [...]

5 Simple Steps to Streamline Your Business

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When you own a business, there are a lot of tasks to complete. As an owner, you must make sure you take care of your clients and your employees. If you are overwhelmed, the good news is there are a lot of simple programs that can help streamline your business [...]

How To Successfully Work From Home With Nextiva

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How To Successfully Work From Home With Nextiva If the coronavirus pandemic has shown us anything, it is that we need to be able to adapt to a new normal and have a plan in place. If you own a business something you might have to consider is that work [...]