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Meet Our Team

Setting the standard for customer service excellence!

Dave Kimble

Dave is responsible for all facets of the business. He especially enjoys assisting with the tech side of the company, including setting up the scripting for new accounts.

When Dave does take some time off you can find him at Top Golf, out on a jet ski, or spending time with his family.

Chief Operating Officer

Amy Kimble

Amy oversees the day to day functions of the business, as well as sourcing new talent for the team.

In her downtime, you can find Amy exploring the sights in St. Augustine, or spending time with her family.
Training and Development Manager

Mackenzie Sloboda

Mackenzie is responsible for evaluating, developing, and implementing the training
curriculum. Mackenzie also listens to our agents to verify they are representing our clients as professional and friendly agents. She verifies that our agents are following the scripts and gathering all necessary information. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, she is motivated to build and maintain successful hard-working employees.

Mackenzie Sloboda

How AnswerAide Got Started

Setting the standard for customer service excellence!

Our Founder, Dave Kimble, started AnswerAide because of a need he had with another business that he owned. His landscaping company was growing, and he was not able to keep up with the calls that were coming in. Therefore, he decided to outsource the calls to an answering service. The first one he tried was horrible; then he tried one or two more. He finally found somewhat of a decent one; however, every time a new call came in, the operator would ask for the city when they were getting the address, and either they would either pronounce it wrong or spell it to them incorrectly. While our city name may not be easy to say, it was part of the company’s name, so the spelling shouldn’t have been an issue.

Dave decided to give up on the answering service because it was making his company look horrible. However, he still needed someone to answer the phone, so he decided to go ahead and hire his first receptionist. She did a fantastic job, but there was never enough work to keep her busy. So, Dave knew a few landscapers in different parts of the country and reached out to them to see if they wanted to share a receptionist.

“Every phone call leaves an impression on your customer; we strive to brighten up your client’s day one call at a time.”

Dave received more interest then he expected and, after a few months, added another receptionist. It turned out that there were more than a few people that wanted something more than the traditional answering services. Therefore, in 2018 Dave formed a new company AnswerAide.

Since then, AnswerAide has started to offer additional services beyond answering services to include call center solutions, dedicated virtual receptionists, and live chat services. In 2019 Dave sold his previous company so that he can focus on taking AnswerAide to the next level while providing service and dedication to each one of our clients like they are our only client.

“We provide excellent customer service to each caller and treat them like our own customers, which we treat like family.”

Our Mission

AnswerAide strives to help make each and every one of their clients look their best and help them grow. As AnswerAide’s clients grow, so does AnswerAide, and quite frankly, we want you to recommend us to your friends.

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