Are you wondering why your maid service needs an answering service? The monthly average cost of commercial janitorial services is $600. Whenever you miss a call, that’s $600 your pocket misses out on!

Forget about voicemail because no one ever uses it anymore. If a customer can’t get to you when they want to, they will simply call a different business. And when they answer the phone, they get the job and the money. But those aren’t the only things you lose; you also miss out on any future jobs and bookings from word of mouth that you could’ve gotten if you had booked them.

Because you can’t answer wash windows and answer the phone at the same time, you need someone else to answer your phones in times when you need it most. You might also need help to schedule appointments, take care of telemarketers, provide information about your company, and provide a fast response to your customer’s needs.

What an Answering Service for a Maid Service Can Do

24/7 Answering Services

When you build a partnership with an answering service, you never have to close. This is because some companies work 24/7 and are dedicated to answering every client’s needs. No matter what time a client calls in, you can be sure that someone is there to help.

Capturing Leads

To ensure that you always catch leads, you need to ensure a speedy response to your callers. The faster your team can answer the phone, the better chances you’ll get to secure a new customer.

Provides Support

Hiring answering services can act as an extension of your sales team. They can support the sales of janitorial supplies or upsell your services while assisting with payment processing and online orders.

Dispatching Cleaners

Members of the answering service can quickly dispatch your cleaners through a call, text, or email. This ensures that your customer’s concerns are addressed as fast as possible. They can also help to ensure the smooth flow of your business and assist whenever a crew member misses an appointment or is absent.

The Benefits of an Answering Service

Fewer Expenses

With an answering service, there’s no need to train or hire additional staff for answering phones, and there’s no need to pay hourly wages or benefits. You also won’t need to worry about upgrading tools or technology, since they will take care of those costs.

Effective Solutions

Answering service companies can seamlessly manage appointments, address changes in scheduling, and dispatch cleaners. Because they can take on many different jobs, you will be left with more time to focus on the most important thing, which is to grow your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Some companies even offer after-sales support to conduct surveys and ask for the customer’s thoughts on the cleaning job. This will let you know how well you’re doing compared to the competition and will allow you to reach customer expectations by making continuous improvements to your service.

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