Medical Answering Service Facts

It’s certainly no secret that Covid-19 has forced most businesses to rapidly adjust to new protocols, while devastating others to the bleak point of extinction. If your medical office is fortunate to have survived this worldwide crisis, the following information is just for you! You have likely experienced a sudden influx of calls to your facility, which show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Patients are calling into their doctor’s offices at a much higher rate than ever before, many of them seeking a callback for an over-the phone consultation, or to schedule an appointment. While great for business, The high volume of calls you may be experiencing can quickly overwhelm front desk receptionists, thus causing some to work overtime or to experience unhealthy amounts of stress or pressure. Or perhaps you’re considering hiring a new employee to help keep up with demand, but that could be a lengthy process to find the right candidate, and by paying out over $2000/mo plus benefits, it could be very costly.

What does a medical answering service entail?

Thankfully, AnswerAide can offer you a wide array of administrative services with our helpful team of virtual receptionists located right here in the USA. Below are just a few of the ways we can make things much easier for you, your employees, and of course, your valued patients:

  • As medical virtual receptionists, we can ensure no calls are missed; a live representative is always ready to assist your patient 24/7
  • AnswerAide will surely limit potential virus exposure to current receptionists by limiting need for overtime
  • By providing extraordinary service, your patients will always be treated with respect and reassurance during a time when they need it most
  • Someone who can help answer calls and provide/collect basic information
  • We abide by HIPAA regulations and customer protection is always a top priority

Answering Service for Medical Professional Gives You Choices

As your professional medical answering service, we play by your rules; if you so choose, AnswerAide employees will follow your customized script in order to be a natural extension of your facility. We study your company’s protocols in an effort to be well-versed and familiar with the way you prefer things to be done. You are also given the choice to designate what sort of tasks you would like us to perform for you. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Outgoing call reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Courtesy calls to follow up on patients after a visit
  • Accessing patient information for billing and payment information
  • Maintaining and updating patient files
  • Mailing out invoices

Why Choose Us for Your Live Medical Answering Service Needs?

If you are already convinced that a medical answering service is the best thing for the needs of your medical office, there are a few things that make us stand out. Here at AnswerAide, we understand the high level of care you aim to provide; that’s why our Virtual Receptionist team is dedicated to providing the best experience for your patients. We realize it is so important to have a company you can trust to give the quality of service, and we promise to be as fluid with our call handling as an employee working out of your office. Our variety of answering service packages for medical professionals offer competitive rates while providing options to fit your needs. Let us help you get through these unprecedented times by giving us a call today!