Keep Your Company Running During COVID-19

Keep Your Company Running During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way all of us do business. While a lot of companies are starting to reopen up, government restrictions and budgets are going to be creating a lot of restrictions and cutbacks. However, a lot of your customers are going to be ready to get out and see you. You’ll need to find a way to communicate with your customers, even with your reduced staffing.

Government Restrictions & Cut Backs

Most government agencies are placing caps on how many people can be in your office, restaurant, or small business. The one thing you’ll be able to count on is an increase in phone calls to check the basic information, such as if you are open, what time you are closing, or to make a reservation. You’ll need to allow for this time when you are making your new schedules. Another option is you can bring on an answering service for COVID-19.

How an Answering Service Can Help Keep Your Company Running During COVID-19

With an answering service taking care of your phone calls, you will not need to worry about an employee being stuck on the phone while people are in your shop. Most of these restrictions that state you can only have a certain amount of people in the store includes employees. Wouldn’t it make more sense to outsource your calls to a professional live answering service that can take care of all your callers? When you are ready AnswerAide is able to assist you with live answering 24/7.

Types of Calls a Telephone Answering Service Company Accepts

We can handle all types of calls. During your onboarding, we get a feel for your company and go over the information you require from your callers, and the types of calls you receive. Once we get this information, we place it in your account and to train our operators so they know about your company and any special requirements you may have.

No matter your needs, we can help with your calls and will be able to handle tasks, such as:

    • Providing generic information
    • Answering Frequently Asked Questions
    • Providing Opening and Closing Hours to Your Callers
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Take Delivery Orders
    • Gather New Lead Information
    • Transferring or Patching calls
    • Plus much more

What’s All Involved in Setting Up an Account?

It’s relativity easy to set up an answering service account. We do not require any long-term contracts, and basically, it only takes 15-30 minutes to fill out our intake form. Of course, you can finish it sooner, but the more information you provide us, the better we can represent your company. One of our goals is that the caller does not know we are an answering service, and just think we are an extension of your office. Once we get the form back and have a credit card put on your account, we start setting up your account. Depending on the complexity of your set up, it can take anywhere from a few hours to one business day for setup.

What Should I do Once I Set Up My New Account?

We usually say you can sit back and relax once your new account is setup. However, to keep your company running during COVID-19, we are now saying you can get out there and hustle. You’ll be able to assist your customers, and maybe it’s time to start some additional advertising to drum up business for this summer.

How do I Receive Notifications?

You can receive notifications any way you want. We can deliver messages through e-mail, text message, fax, or Slack. For new leads or clients, we can also integrate with most CRMs and insert the information on your behalf.

We can send these messages immediately as they come in, every so many hours, or just once a day. Need a summary of all the calls, or only the leads at the end of the day? We have you covered there too. We can also combine these options and offer you an endless number of opportunities.  Just let us know what your preference is, and we will make it happen.

If you need assistance in keeping your company running during COVID-19, please contact us today to see if we can assist you.