Let’s face it, emergencies are occurring all the time. When these emergencies happen, clients expect that their insurance agent will spring into action. It does not matter what time of day the emergency or accident occurs; your policyholder fully expects that someone will answer the phone when they call. However, you cannot work seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Nor can you expect that your employees will work those hours. This is where an answering service for insurance agents enters into the equation. Most answering services offer options to forward your after-hours calls as well as overflow calls; that way, you can ensure that someone is always available to speak to your policyholders.

Once your account is set up, a rep will ask you what kinds of calls you get. More than likely, you get calls from new leads that are looking for quotes on an insurance policy, calls from current policyholders that are calling to ask questions about their existing policy, or wanting to file a new claim. One of the main ways an answering service can help your insurance company is by collecting preliminary information. When you call the policyholder back, you do not have to be on the phone for as long.

An answering service for insurance agents will work closely with your company. We’ll develop a form that includes the questions to ask your policyholders or potential clients. Once all of this information is gathered, the answering service will alert you via email that a policyholder called to file a new claim, or that a policyholder called to follow up on an existing claim. Once you have the free time, you can call the policyholder back to follow up with them. The best part is that AnswerAide can integrate directly into your CRM, such as Nowcerts, so that you do not have to input all of the information.

Aside from collecting information for your company an answering service gives you the ability to focus on other things. You no longer have to sit in the office and wait for potential clients or current policyholders to call. An answering service frees up time for you. This gives you time to investigate claims, work on quotes for new clients, grow your agency, and focus on doing other tasks around the office.

No matter what kind of insurance company you own, you know it is an extremely competitive business. When someone calls, whether it be a potential lead or a current customer wanting to file or follow up on a claim, they are looking for a voice on the other end, not an answering machine. If you consistently hard to reach on the phone, you might lose a potential client. Worse, you might lose a current policyholder if the caller can’t reach you. You also know that you cannot wait by the phone all day waiting for a call because you need to complete other tasks such as investigating claims. Having an answering service for insurance agents can free your time up to focus on other tasks.

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