Insurance Agency Answering Service

An answering service can help an insurance agency by providing customer support and handling a variety of tasks that are essential to the smooth operation of the business. Some ways an answering service can assist an insurance agency include:

  1. Handling calls: An answering service can answer incoming calls on behalf of the insurance agency and take messages or forward calls to the appropriate person. This allows the agency to focus on other tasks and ensures that no calls are missed.

  2. Providing customer support: An answering service can provide basic customer support such as answering questions about policies, taking payments, and scheduling appointments. This can free up the agency’s staff to focus on more complex tasks.

  3. Emergency support: An answering service can provide emergency support by taking calls from policyholders who need assistance after hours or on weekends. This can help to minimize the impact of emergencies on policyholders and reduce the burden on the agency’s staff.

  4. Improved call handling: An answering service can provide a more professional and efficient call handling experience for customers, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and retain business.

Overall, an answering service can provide a range of support services that can help an insurance agency to run more smoothly and effectively while also improving the customer experience.

In the insurance industry, callers want an agent that is available when it’s convenient for them. This time may come during your lunch, while you’re in a meeting, sleeping, or it could happen when you are just enjoying some time off.

We have discovered that callers who are looking for insurance want to be able to reach their agency immediately. This is especially when they are trying to get a quote. These callers typically think if they can’t connect with you when they want to buy, then they won’t be able to reach you when it matters, such as after a disaster or accident.

Answer Aide can help scale your insurance agency and take it to the next level with our virtual receptionist and live answering service.

When you partner with Answer Aide as your insurance agency’s answering service, you can relax. You will receive a professional telephone answering service from us 24/7. We have you covered whether you are on the other line, in a meeting with a client, investigating an accident, or just enjoying some personal time.

Our Virtual Receptionists will also help you save time by inserting your new leads directly into the CRM of your choice. This saves you from having to copy and paste everything we send over to you.

We’ll also fully customize your scripts so that we can get accurate information no matter the call. Whether you need generic new lead info, auto insurance intake form, workman’s comp info, or process a claim, we’ll get the data that you need.

We’ll always provide your clients with excellent customer service, and you don’t have to worry about missing a client’s call.

If your business is busy, if you are out of the office a lot and can’t answer your phone or you simply are busy doing something else, good for you. But, potentially bad for business.

People calling you need to be heard. A phone ringing out sounds like lost business and lost sales. It can be difficult for a small business to always be ready to answer the phone.

An answering service can be the best solution for your missed calls. Whether you are in a meeting, out on the road making sales, or can’t take a call right now, a great answering service can.

Missed Calls

Even in an age of smartphones and advanced technology, when people call your business, they want an answer. Chances are they have already looked at your website and are looking for more information, want to make a purchase, or just have some questions.

It’s understandable that you have other places to be and it can be expensive to hire someone to simply answer the phone at your office. If you don’t have a physical office and your business phone is your cell phone, it can be awkward to answer it when you are with another client.

An automated voice messaging system is often a turn off for people calling in to make an appointment or ask for information. There is a good chance they will simply go somewhere else.

Answering Service

By hiring an answering service, you provide a real live person at the other end of the phone for your customer. They don’t need to know it isn’t you. A good answering service is well-versed in your business and knows exactly what to say to your customers.

They can take messages, provide information about your business, and soothe the angry caller because they know what to say. Often, the mere fact that someone picked up the phone is enough.

We have all been on the other end of that phone when there is no answer. You don’t believe for a second your call is important to them. When we reach a voice that sounds assured, we feel assured, as well.

An answering service provides you with someone who knows your business, will never miss any of the company’s calls and will know how to contact you, if needed.

Save Money

Using an answering service will cost much less than having to train someone and then pay them to be there all day. Most answering services charge much less and are often in conjunction with a virtual office.

Even if you opt to have your mom or sister-in-law answer the phone for free, you will soon learn it is very costly, indeed. They may not feel compelled to do a great job if they are working for free.

If you do hire and train someone, that may not always work out, either. They may get a better offer, find they don’t like it, or not have their heart in it. Then you have to start all over again.

Increase Reliability

When people call your business and get an answer, that means something to them. If you don’t have someone answering the phone or they are put on hold several times, people get angry.

When people get angry at a business they go online a tell everyone who will listen. It’s unfortunate but true. People see these bad reviews and rather than take a chance on their own, simply move to the next place in line.

The answering service will always be there, never place them on hold and they will almost always have the answer. It shows your customers you care and you are always available.

Get Information

A missed call is a missed opportunity. If people are left to deal with a voice answering service, information can be lost. You may not be able to understand them, lose connection, or just get wrong information from your clients.

The answering service will keep detailed accounts of the calls, who called, their contact information of when they called, and why. That is worth the price alone. You can see all your messages and prioritize them yourself.

You can also call in and get the information at any time you need it. Maybe you had a meeting or some sales calls all morning, you can collect your messages afterward and get back to your customers right away.

Our Quality Answering Service Pricing

Answer Aide can help you grow your business with our answering service while saving you money. You will receive all the benefits of a full-time receptionist for just a fraction of the cost. Our pricing starts at just $40 a month.

24 Hours Service

Depending on your business, you may need coverage around the clock. You may have customers visiting your website from overseas and in different time zones or just people who work different shifts.

You can never predict when people will call, but if you provide any type of emergency service, you likely need coverage all day and night. An answering service can provide that for you.

If people are wanting to order things, the answering service can help provide them with information on how to order or keep track of orders placed on the phone. You can see the benefits of potential sales, even when you are not around.

Sort Nuisance Calls

Calls from people trying to sell you things you don’t need, nonsense calls of people complaining that are not serious or even redirect calls for other departments or businesses.

Personal calls coming in on the business line can tie up the line and keep potential customers from getting through. The answering service will be able to take care of those and keep your lines free for customers only.

Answering Service For Business

You want the calls to come in, but you don’t always need to be the person answering them. It’s a good sign that your phone is ringing off the hook. That means you are doing something right.

Let a professional answering service take care of your calls while you get busy running the company. Your customers need never know it isn’t you or your office they have reached. You started the company to grow. Now that it has, pass some of the work on to the professionals who know how to handle your calls.

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