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Restaurant Answering Services Will Help Streamline Your Business

Restaurant Answering Services Will Help Streamline Your Business

There are many ways in which an answering service can help your restaurant. We can either take all your calls or overflow calls. We can answer questions about the hours that you are open or items that are on the menu, as well as any specials you might be running for the day. We can collect takeout orders over the phone and text, email, or fax to let you know the customer’s information as well as what they want to order.

If you offer catering, we can provide the necessary information on that as well. Every time we take a call, we will get all the essential information you will need and send the message by email, SMS text, a patched call, a dispatched call, or any combination of these. We can provide a custom greeting of your choice to your customers so that it seems like an in-house person answering the phone, not an answering service.

AnswerAide is a full-service call center and provides all of our services for less than what it costs to pay an hourly employee.

How Restaurant Answering Services Can Help Your Restaurant:

  • During times when there is a pandemic, such as COVID-19, you might be running on reduced staffing. Even though your dining room might be closed to customers, there are still people who are going to be placing orders via phone. An answering service or call center can take the customer’s information as well as their order and then email or text the data to an employee.
  • Having a call center can help streamline service within a restaurant. Your staff can keep their focus on the patrons on preparing the food, instead of having to rush to answer the phone. The restaurant answering services can give out the necessary information that the client is looking for, as well as handle takeout orders and reservations.

How Long Have Restaurant Answering Services Been Around?

There may have been a restaurant here and there that have always used an answering service. However, I think the real trend is going to start during the COVID-19 era. As delivery demands increase, so will the phone usage, and restaurants only have so many phone lines and staff.

An answering service benefits a restaurant or any company looking to take orders because you do not need to bring in an extra employee to cover the phones. Therefore, you’ll be able to save a ton of money because an answering service is only going to charge you for the time, they worked for you.

What’s All Involved in Setting Up an Account for Restaurant Answering Services?

It’s relativity easy to set up your restaurant answering services account. We do not require any long-term contracts, and basically, it only takes 15-30 minutes to fill out our intake form. Of course, you can finish it sooner, but the more information you provide us, the better we can represent your company. One of our goals is that the caller does not know we are an answering service, and just think we are an extension of your office. Once we get the form back and have a credit card put on your account, we start setting up your account. Depending on the complexity of your set up, it can take anywhere from a few hours to one business day for setup.

What Should I do Once I Set Up My New Account?

We usually say you can sit back and relax once your new account is setup. However, with COVID-19, we are now saying you can get out there and hustle for your restaurant. You’ll be able to assist your customers, and maybe it’s time to start some additional advertising to drum up business for this summer.

How do I Receive Notifications? 

You can receive notifications any way you want. We can deliver messages through e-mail, text message, fax, or Slack. For new leads or clients, we can also integrate with most CRMs and insert the information on your behalf.

We can send these messages or delivery orders immediately as they come in, every so many hours, or just once a day. Need a summary of all the calls, or only the leads at the end of the day? We have you covered there too. We can also combine these options and offer you an endless number of opportunities.  Just let us know what your preference is, and we will make it happen and get your company set up for restaurant answering services.

Please contact us if you would like more information about how Anwer Aide’s Restaurant Answering Services may be able to assist your restaurant business. We believe in offering superb service, and treat your callers like we treat our own customers! Check out our reviews.

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