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Missed Calls Are Costing Your Company Money

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Most business managers and owners don’t consider it a big deal to miss business calls. They don’t like that missed calls happen, but they generally see it as an inevitable business occurrence. This is where a reliable answering service can prevent missed calls, which will increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

Also, considering that many businesses focus on communicating via digital channels these days, it’s easy to believe that phone calls don’t matter. After all, many companies use social media and email for communications instead.

However, statistics have shown that phone calls are still important. Data shows that about 80% of all business communications occur on the phone. Let’s take a quick look at how missed calls are costing you money and how you can prevent this from becoming a significant problem.

Why Unanswered Calls Happen

Businesses miss calls for several reasons. However, here are some of the most prominent:

  • The staff is overwhelmed with their work, and they can’t handle the responsibility of answering calls.
  • Everyone is too busy focusing on other aspects of customer service, and they ignore calls.
  • The company focuses on digital communications and ignores phone calls.
  • A lack of a reliable answering service
  • The company uses voicemail to get messages instead of answering calls directly.

How Unanswered Calls Result In Lost Revenue

You might not know this, but missed calls are costing you money. Their impact on your revenue is more extensive than you can imagine. Also, it can affect you in both short and long terms.

Short-Term Impact

On the short-term front, specific missed calls cost you the revenue you would have made with the callers. According to Neil Patel, about 85% of people whose calls you miss won’t bother calling back. If you miss a customer’s call, there’s a chance you’ve missed that revenue forever.

Long-Term Impact

You can also consider how missed calls are costing you money on the long-term view. Over time, missed calls will lead to customer churn. About 70% of customers will stop dealing with a company when its customer service is terrible. Another 60% will simply jump ship and do business with the company’s competitors.

In a nutshell, missed calls are a sign of weak customer service. This will tick customers off, and you will most likely never see them again.

Churn is a significant revenue drainer. Considering that many customers see lousy customer service as a reason for churn, you need to work on this part of your business. It’s also essential to keep the phone lines functional because most customers who are unhappy with your service won’t tell you a thing. They just leave.

But it’s not all bad news! Approximately 67% of customer churn can be eliminated through proactive measures.

Mitigating the Problem with a Reliable Answering Service

You need an effective system to help with the issue. This is why you should consider AnswerAide for your reliable answering service to handle all calls and ensure that you never miss any. Our answering service takes your calls and handles them effectively, ensuring that you can get messages and address them when due. We can also collect and qualify your new leads on your behalf.

With our reliable answering service, you can effectively stay on top of your customer service game. These services are cheap, cost-effective, and incredibly efficient. They ensure that people can call in with whatever requests they may have and get the answers they are seeking. With our answering service, you can retain your customers and keep them satisfied. Learn how AnswerAide can save you time and money, starting today.

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Learn How Our Answering Service Can Help You From Missing Calling

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