When you run a business, your priority is ensuring a quality level of service that your customers can rely on. One of the most critical areas where you can achieve this hiring a reliable business phone answering service.

Customers tend to call you when they have questions or remarks about your service—whatever that service may be. In fact, 60% of customers prefer to call a business, even when they find them online. When they do, you must have someone on standby to speak to them and get their comments or questions. Data shows that most customers who miss one call won’t bother calling back or patronizing you anymore. So, your phone lines need to be open at all times.

However, when you’re handling phone calls, you also have the option of having someone take a message or just leaving the task to an automated answering machine. Here are a few reasons why picking the former might be best for you.

The Empathy Factor

Customers with significant service problems will be less enthusiastic about speaking to computers. In times of trouble, the last thing such a customer needs is a machine that delivers pre-recorded responses and does little to help their situation. This factor is one of the most important reasons why your business telephone answering service needs to be top-notch.

Your customers need to connect with fellow humans who can understand their situation and empathize with them. This connection provides comfort and opens the door for possible solutions that can help the customer—and, in the long run, your business as well.

Simple and Quick Answers

Having a human at the helm of your business phone answering service will also improve the chances of efficiency overall. When a customer calls, what they need is a quick and effective solution to their problem. Moving through menus and pressing numbers will only make them more frustrated. Eventually, they stop calling altogether and move to a competitor that is ready to meet their needs.

When you have a live person handling this service, your customers can quickly get all they need to deal with specific problems. This way, a professional and responsive person can interact with customers, handle requests, and provide immediate solutions to customers’ needs.

The Answering Service Solution

If you’re just starting a business, you might not necessarily have the funds needed to hire full-time customer support staff. However, since you need humans handling your calls, a business phone answering service is probably the best choice since you can get 24/7 coverage for a fraction of the cost of a single employee.

In that case, you might want to consider getting an answering service. With these services, customers can reach your business easier, faster, and get qualified people who want to help.

You can contact a business telephone answering service today and have them handle all your calls. You can give these people the details and information they need to handle customer requests, improving your customer service efficiency exponentially. This will result in improved lead generation and higher caller satisfaction rates at the end of the day.

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