Are you considering hiring an answering service? Learn the benefits of an answering service.

Here are the top 5 benefits of an answering service:

1. Saves Your Small Business Time & Money

To find the right receptionist will take on average  24 days and cost you $4,000, according to glassdoor. That same receptionist is going to cost you at a minimum of $20,800, plus healthcare, 401k, time off, and other benefits. However, with an answering service, you are only going to pay a tiny fraction of that cost, since your business only pays for the time it uses.

2. Increase Profits

In addition to the benefit of saving money with an answering service, we can also increase your sales and profits. Every missed call is a missed opportunity. 80% of callers that receive your answering machine is going to hang up and call your competitor. With that fact in mind, what is the average lifetime value of your client? With most companies, one saved lead not only pays for an answering service but leaves plenty over in profit. That’s with just one prospective customer, now multiple that by the number of your missed calls. If you’re ready to benefit from an answering service, checking out our answering service plans.

3. Improve Your Reputation

Nobody likes to receive an answering machine, from your prospective customers to your existing clients. When a current client calls and receives your voicemail, they may feel neglected, ignored, frustrated, or abandoned, depending on the reason for their call. In the Amazon age, callers expect and demand immediate attention. With an answering service, 98% of your calls are answered within 3-4 rings. Your customer will know that their request was received and is being worked on, leaving you with a happy customer.

Even if you have a receptionist to answer your calls, what happens when they are on the other line, in the restroom, at lunch, out sick, or has gone home for the day?

4. Boost Productivity

Distractions kill productivity! Telephones are essential for every business; however, they are also one of the biggest distractions. If you don’t have one person or a team dedicated to answering the phones, you could be killing the productivity of your workers. If you or random employees are getting distracted from your regular work, did you know it can take on average 25 minutes to return to the original task?

With an answering service, you and your staff can continue to focus on your work, and return all the calls later in the day.

5. Always Available

Most answering services are available 24/7. An after-hours answering service is included at AnswerAide for no additional cost and can prove extremely valuable. You would be surprised at how many people call typical 9-5 businesses at 11 PM. When that call does come through, the caller usually is pleasantly surprised to receive a prompt, friendly answer instead of a machine.

Some businesses demand that they are available 24/7; however, not every call needs to wake them up. With an answering service, we can screen your calls and then immediately notify you of the calls that need your immediate attention. For the remainder of the calls, we’ll send you a message for you to review in the morning.

How AnswerAide Can Help With Your Live Answering Service Needs

AnswerAide lets you focus on your core business while we take care of your callers. We’ll treat each of your callers the same way we treat our callers, and the way we would want to be treated if we were on the other end of the phone. Check out our list of 6 things to consider when hiring an answering service.

Start improving your business today, and bring on AnswerAide to assist with increasing your bottom-line.