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10 Fantastic Facebook Post Tips For Small Business

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Are you ready to learn how to improve your social media posts with our Facebook post tips? The social media giant Facebook has become the leading site for users to create personal profiles and, of course, business profiles. As a result, there is a steady rise of account owners, which has made Facebook one of the most daily viewed websites in the world. It comes as no surprise that more and more business owners turn to Facebook to bring in more customers.

If you are looking to get your business in on the action, here are some small business Facebook post tips you can use to your advantage:

    1. Short and Sweet

      You have to test your Facebook audience because while some users are put off by posts that are too long other users engage more in longer topics. To start keep your page visitors from getting bored, make it a habit to keep your posts short but concise. Then start experimenting with longer content, and don’t be afraid to add emojis and hashtags because this will cause some audiences to engage more too. You will need to monitor how many people see your posts and how many engage with the post. After a few months, you should be able to figure out what your ideal audience prefers based on the engagement.

    2. Share Memes

      Everyone loves a good laugh, and what better way to achieve that than by sharing memes. There is yet to be an internet user who hasn’t come across a meme they did not relate to. This tactic is sure to increase interest in your business.

    3. Ask Questions

      Remember that bad date you went on? The one where not enough questions were asked, and it was as if the other person did not want to get to know you. Did you also realize that when we asked that question, you already stopped to think of a response? That right there just proved the point!

    4. Repost Customer Posts

      Nothing shows your pride in providing customer satisfaction than sharing what your customers are saying about your business. It’s free advertising, and you get to flex those good reviews on your page. AnswerAide can help you repost customer reviews in addition to the other Facebook post tips that you see here.

    5. YouTube Videos

      When sharing, remember to post stuff that is relevant to you and your business. Let’s say you sell pet grooming products. A good way to drive interest is by posting a YouTube clip of cats getting in the tub with their owners. Videos tend to get a higher rate of engagement in our experience, and using Facebook Live will dramatically increase your views.

    6. Post During The “Golden Hours”

      Ask any social media manager, and they will tell you that posting is an artform that heavily relies on viewership. The general practice is to post during times that people are more likely to be on social media. This is usually at the start of their day, during their commute, or before bedtime.

    7. Create Promos for Followers

      When you advertise promotions available just for your followers, you are telling everybody that followers get rewarded. These are the “chosen ones.” In doing so, you create a buzz that encourages new page visitors to follow you for them to reap the benefits you offer.

    8. Engage with Other Brands

      Partner up with other businesses in your locality. If you sell candles, get in touch with a spa or a boutique. This drives your regular customers to the other business and vice versa.

    9. Include A Call to Action

      If you’ve ever seen ads with “buy now” or “call us at,” these are some examples inviting page users to act. Just remember to include a link to the shopping page or some contact info!

    10. Respond – The Most Important Facebook Post Tip

      Respond to everyone. Keep it positive, no matter what. Being negative is a huge No-No when it comes to small business Facebook post tips.

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