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We are available 24/7/365, including holidays, for you and your callers.

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Receive notifications however you prefer. We can send you an email, text message, transfer the call, or even send you a fax.

CRM & Software Integration

We can integrate with most CRMs on the market, which saves you from having to type all that information in.

Local or Toll-Free Number

Do you want to give the impression of a national brand? We have toll-free numbers available! If you prefer to appear local, we can assign you any local number in the US.

Inbound/Outbound Call Handling

In addition to accepting your inbound calls, we can make follow-up calls to your existing leads and clients.

Call Patching

Do you need to patch certain callers to your or your staff? If so, we can set up rules for call patching, also known as call forwarding.

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AnswerAide can help you grow your business while saving you money. You will receive all the benefits of a full-time receptionist for just a fraction of the cost.

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0 Minutes Included
$ 40
  • $1.65 Per Minute


125 Minutes Included
$ 150
  • $1.50 Per Additional Minute


450 Minutes Included
$ 475
  • $1.30 Per Additional Minute


700 Minutes Included
$ 720
  • $1.25 Per Additional Minute


1,000 Minutes Included
$ 1,000
  • $1.20 Per Minute


2,500 Minutes Included
$ 2,400
  • $0.99¢ Per Additional Minute


5,000 Minutes Included
$ 4,575
  • $0.95¢ Per Additional Minute


10,000 Minutes Included
$ 8,500
  • $0.89¢ Per Additional Minute

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Fun Facts About Chicago, IL

Receiving millions of visitors annually, the Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) is one of Chicago’s most popular attractions. It is the second tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. On a clear day, visitors can see four states from the Skydeck: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Where did the idea of putting paint in a can with a spray tip come from? Chicago paint salesman Ed Seymour invented this artistic substance, which is now used to create colorful works in public spaces all over the City.

Chicagoan Jimmy Dewar worked as a manager at the famed Hostess Brands factory. During that time, Dewar wanted to create a pastry that was filled with cream. His invention, the Twinkie, launched in 1930 and was named after an ad for “Twinkle Toe Shoes” that Dewar came across. The original Twinkie was filled with banana cream but was replaced with vanilla cream during WWII when bananas became scarce.

Chicago’s own NBC 5 Chicago/WMAQ television station has a rich history of innovation. After many months of hard work, the channel became the first all-color station in the world on April 15, 1956. Later, the station became the City’s first commercial station to broadcast in stereo in September 1986.

Flowing through downtown Chicago, the Chicago River has a fascinating history. Not only does this river run through various systems and canals, but it is also the only river in the world that flows backward.

This innovation in television transformed voting by letting citizens witness essential political matters in the comfort of their own home. The presidential candidates’ debate between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Milhous Nixon was the first to be broadcast on television from Chicago’s CBS channel on September 26, 1960.

Next time you go to a blood bank to donate, remember to thank Dr. Bernard Fantus for introducing this valuable and helpful concept at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago. In 1937, Chicago became the first city to establish a blood bank in the United States

Population: 2,706,000

Area Codes: 312, 773, 872

Zip Codes: 600007, 60018, 60106, 60131, 60176, 60290, 60601, 60602, 60603, 60604, 60605, 60606, 60607, 60608, 60609, 60610, 60611, 60612, 60613, 60614, 60615, 60616, 60617, 60618, 60619, 60620, 60621, 60622, 60623, 60624, 60625, 60626, 60628, 60629, 60630, 60631, 60633, 60634, 60636, 60637, 60638, 60639, 60640, 60641, 60642, 60643, 60644, 60645, 60646, 60647, 60649, 60651, 60652, 60653, 60654, 60655, 60656, 60657, 60659, 60660, 60661, 60664, 60666, 60668, 60669, 60670, 60673, 60674, 60675, 60677, 60678, 60680, 60681, 60684, 60685, 60686, 60687, 60688, 60689, 60690, 60691, 60693, 60694, 60695, 60696, 60697, 60699, 60701, 60706, 60707, 60803, 60804, 60827

Nearby Cities: Cicero, IL; Oak Park, IL; Berwyn, IL; Forest Park, IL; River Forest, IL; Elmwood Park, IL; Lincolnwood, IL; Lyons, IL; Maywood, IL; River Grove, IL; Summit, IL; Evergreen Park, IL; Evanston, IL; Norridge, IL; Melrose Park, IL

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