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Fun Facts About Birmingham, AL

A statue of Vulcan commissioned for the 1904 World’s Fair proudly boasts of the city’s iron and steel industries.

The town was named after Birmingham in the UK.

It is the only place in the whole world where all three ingredients for steel can be found near each other.

Birmingham was the first city to celebrate Veterans Day, and it continues to host the largest Veterans Day celebration in the Country.

An early heroine of the city was a woman named Louise Wooster. She was a local prostitute who helped turn local brothels into clinics when a huge cholera epidemic hit the city in 1873. She continued her philanthropy after becoming the wealthy owner of her brothel.

The oldest baseball stadium in the Country, Rickwood Field, is located in Birmingham.

Birmingham has its replica of the Statue of Liberty, created for the Liberty National Life Insurance Company.

The city had two different Prohibitions, first countywide and then statewide (which extended past our national Prohibition)

The corner of 20th Street and First Avenue is referred to as Heaviest Corner on Earth because the four gigantic skyscrapers there were once the largest in the South.

Sloss Furnaces is the only blast furnace site in the Country that has been restored for the public. The industrial site now serves as a museum and a venue for concerts and festivals.

Population: 209,880

Area Codes: 205

Zip Codes: 35005, 35020, 35022, 35061, 35064, 35068, 35094, 35118, 35127, 35130, 35201, 35202, 35203, 35204, 35205, 35206, 35207, 35208, 35209, 35210, 35211, 35212, 35213, 35214, 35215, 35217, 35218, 35219, 35221, 35222, 35223, 35224, 35226, 35228, 35229, 35232, 35233, 35234, 35235, 35237, 35242, 35243, 35246, 35249, 35254, 35255, 35261, 35270, 35282, 35283, 35285, 35287, 35290, 35291, 35292, 35294, 35295, 35296, 35297, 35298

Nearby Cities: Mountain Brook, AL; Homewood, AL; Vestavia Hills, AL; Irondale, AL; Fairfield, AL; Hoover, AL; Gardendale, AL; Pleasant Grove, AL; Bessemer, AL; Hueytown, AL; Trussville, AL; Leeds, AL, Helena, AL; Pelham, AL; Alabaster, AL

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