When we are hiring for any of our positions, including our answering services, virtual assistants, or a virtual receptionist job, we take it very seriously. This person is not only a representation of our company but all of the other businesses we work with too. Therefore it’s not just our reputation on the line. We are sharing what we look for in our employees so that any potential employee will know what we are looking for in the right candidate.

Qualities to look for in a Virtual Receptionist Job:

A receptionist should be friendly and have excellent verbal communication skills with a positive attitude. They also need to be an active listener and able to engage with clients and need to fit in with the company’s culture. Soft skills like friendliness and likability are especially crucial for the role. We look for people that are excellent multi-taskers. The virtual receptionist job requires handling incoming calls, and you will need the ability to write notes or messages while speaking to the caller. Office assistants or virtual receptionists need to be able to answer phone calls promptly. Our clients expect that we answer their calls quickly, and callers tend to get unhappy when they wait on hold.

Show Your Character

We expect you any potential hire to have some personality and sound professional on the telephone. The virtual receptionist should be able to engage with the client and provide excellent customer service, whether it’s someone enquiring about becoming a new client or someone calling in to complain about a product or service they received. We also expect them to be comfortable with technology, including Windows and Macs. Finally, we do expect the receptionist can write well with proper spelling and grammar. In addition to writing messages, our receptionists may be required to write blogs for our clients too.

Be Prepared

We also would expect the potential employee to tell us some simple information about our company. This prep work is easily accomplished by reading this blog or just some pages on our site. We don’t expect you to know everything about us, but you should be able to tell us why you want to work for us. Being prepared shows us that you want a job or career with us. We will truly appreciate that you took the initiative to look us up. We normally also include instructions, to either complete an assessment or send us a short introduction video. This really helps us find applicants that are interested in working for us, instead of just collecting a paycheck for a few months.

We also will conduct a background check, call past employers, and may give a job assessment because when we hire, we want that person to stick around for the long term.


The receptionist fills a vital role in any company. When looking for someone to hire, we want to look for someone who is friendly and customer service focused. We want someone who is going to WOW all our callers every time.