What Business Can I Do From Home?

Curious about what kind of businesses you can do from home? There are so many options. This includes crafting, writing, accounting, and tech. You might be surprised at how many businesses you can conduct from home. Depending on your interests, skills, time availability, and budget, there is an opportunity that suits you. 

This blog post covers the various businesses you can do from home and their pros and cons. 

Writing and Editing Services

You can write for websites and blogs. The income opportunities vary depending on your expertise, industry experience, and the amount of time you can invest. As a writer for hire, you can work for yourself or for others. Notably, you can work on multiple projects or only work on the ones you love. 

Virtual Assistant Services

You can offer your assistance as a virtual assistant or administrative support. Services include:

  • Customer service
  • Bookkeeping
  • Transcription
  • Blog management

These services are often outsourced because businesses need to cut costs or have more projects and tasks than their team can handle.

Teaching and Tutoring

Most people have an interest in helping others learn new things or improve their skills. Depending on your level of expertise and experience, you will be paid by the hour or by the project.

Marketing Consulting

Do you know how to run a high-converting social media or email marketing campaign? You can:

  • Offer them training, tools, or advice to help them succeed
  • Design and develop the marketing materials
  • Work with clients who need help promoting their products or services.

Many consultants offer consulting to clients who need help setting up their systems or developing a new marketing campaign. You can work with large organizations or individuals who need your expertise in a specific area.

Graphic Design and Art

You can offer graphic design and art services as well. Whether you are designing a website, a logo, or a product, you will work directly with the client to create something that meets their needs. Depending on the job, you will use software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create high-quality images and graphics.

Computer and Software Consulting

You can help businesses with computer and software problems. You can also offer support with Internet security, virus removal, data recovery, and hardware repairs. You’ll need knowledge of software and hardware to provide these services, as well as the right tools.

Personal Training

You can teach people how to get fit, lose weight, or change their eating habits by providing personal training services that meet their needs. Plus, you can work with people at home or at the gym.


If you want to sell products on your website but don’t want the hassle of having to stock, package, and ship them out, you can use a dropshipping service. You’ll maintain a shop or e-commerce website that sells the products. In the event that a customer buys something, that order is sent to the vendor in bulk. They get the shipment, package it up with your logo or information, then send it to your customer.

Music and Video Production

You can create music, audio books, and videos. In addition, you can build a website where you sell your products and services. If you want to work with clients to create music and videos, you can work with a company to create commercial jingles and videos. 

Crafting Services

If you enjoy crafting, you can sell your handmade items through a shop or website. You can create and sell t-shirts, mugs, household items, toys, customized jewelry, and gifts.

Website Management

You can manage a website and keep it running smoothly by making updates, adding content, monitoring analytics, reporting errors and bugs, and more.

Transcription Services

You can type out recordings of seminars, podcasts, interviews and other recordings. You can work with freelancers or find a company to hire you. 

Pet Sitting

If you have a love for animals, you can sit for pets left at home while their owners are away. You can also offer other training and pet services.

Professional Organizer

You can organize people’s homes, offices, and other spaces by getting rid of clutter and helping them get organized. 

Spa Services

You can set up an in-home spa where you provide nail care, facials, massage therapy, and other services. Just keep in mind any state or local regulations surrounding the services you want to apply. In some states, you are not able to provide these services at home.

Network Marketing

If you have a passion for sales, you can build a network marketing business by making connections with people through:

  • Events
  • Seminars
  • Other networking opportunities

By building relationships with people you know or meeting new people, you can sell them products or services.

Accounting Services

If you are a bookkeeper, accountant, or tax professional, you can work from home. Finally, you can set up shop and begin taking on clients who need your services. 

Compliance Consultant

If you have legal or corporate compliance experience, become a compliance consultant. You can offer your services to help businesses stay on track by complying with government regulations. It doesn’t take much to start out. You may find that it can be a very lucrative home business.

Internet Marketing Consulting

You can help clients improve their search engine rankings and get their website found by potential customers. You can create marketing materials, work with social media campaigns, and do other things to help them reach their goals of more traffic to their website.

Web Development and Design Services

You can work with clients to design a website, and develop their social media presence and other aspects of their marketing strategy. Additionally, you can manage the design and development process, while they are concentrating on creating content or promoting their brand. 

Photography Services

You can offer photography services to clients, including creative photo shoots, editorial photography, website design and development, and more. In order to get started, you’ll need a camera and some basic editing skills.

Babysitting and Elder Care Services

If you adore working children and elderly people, you can offer your services, including care and companionship. Therefore, you can work with kids and teens at their homes or at yours.

On the other hand, you can also help seniors remain in their homes by providing a variety of services, including transportation to doctors’ appointments, running errands, cleaning, or anything else they need help with.

eCommerce Businesses

If you are an expert in creating websites or setting up e-commerce websites, you can help people start their own businesses by providing the knowledge and skills they need to get their sites set up correctly. You can work with companies to create sales pages, secure payment methods, and more.

Sell Digital Products and Services

You can offer digital products and services on your website or by selling through other websites as a home business. Consider creating a membership site where you provide access to information. Clients pay a fee in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.

Additionally, you can sell ebooks, audio books, music, software and other digital media.

Affiliate Marketing Businesses

If you have a passion for sales and marketing, you can build a business through affiliate marketing. You can work with existing companies and help them promote their products by sending your audience to them. If they sell, you get a commission.

By the same token, you can create your own affiliate programs and market to audiences. You’ll need to provide information about the product or service. Plus, you’ll use a link to buy from the vendor’s website or store.

Social Media Influencer Businesses

You can build an audience on one of the social media platforms. You can either grow a large following or attract a smaller niche audience. Then you can use your platform to promote products and services that may interest your followers. 

For example, you might create a YouTube channel about traveling. Then you can begin promoting travel packages you found online or through agencies. Similarly, you can connect with brands that want to reach your audience, and promote their products or services in exchange for a percentage of sales.

Social Media Management Businesses

If you have a passion for social media, you can build a business around managing communications on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Then, you manage accounts on behalf of businesses that you serve as clients.

Social Media Consultant Businesses

You can build a business through social media consulting. You can help businesses use their social media platforms to reach a target audience. With the right strategies, you can help them create content that gets people to click on the links of their websites or services. Plus, you can also provide support as they grow their networks.

Travel Agent

If you love planning trips, you can build a home business by helping others plan their trips. First, you’ll need a background in travel, and connections with travel agencies to ensure your customers get the best deals and offers.

Volunteer Coordination

If you love working with people, you can coordinate volunteers for nonprofits or for events held in your community. In other words, you can work with other volunteers or help the organization manage the volunteers on their own.

Translator and Interpreter

If you have the patience to sit through hours of translated audio or video, you can build a business by translating a variety of information. 

Transcriptionist Services

If you love to write, you can create a business around transcribing audio, video, and documents. For example, you can transcribe content for:

  • Doctors
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Private businesses

Focus on Growing Your Business With the Right Outsourced Team

As you focus on growing your home business, you’ll have to manage lots of tasks at once. This includes answering phone calls, performing the functions of your business, and administrative tasks. Because of this, hiring a professional answering service can help to reduce your burden.

If you’re ready to get started with a professional answering service, we’re here to help. Contact Answer Aide by calling (866) 427-3500 or by filling out our online form. We’re happy to partner with you to support your business while it grows.