The Hiring Debacle

Have you ever wondered how you can grow your business AND save big on monthly/yearly expenses? Of course, you have, and it is our pleasure to offer a better way to optimize how you operate your customer service! Let’s be honest: virtual administrative assistants, receptionists and customer service representatives are clearly an important part of any organization, as they handle calls, schedule meetings or appointments, transactions, etc.; however, hiring the right person/people for the position can be downright costly. In addition to a national average of over $2500 per month in salary alone, there is close to an additional monthly $4000 or so spent on benefits for just that one employee. Add in the imperative process of having someone else train that individual, and the possibility of a third person to continue business as usual; the expense can be overwhelming! Even if you cut out the risk of that new hire being a poor fit and having wasted all that time and money, there is still a high possibility of spontaneous illness or even a planned vacation interfering with the scheduling process, thus creating even more stress and pressure on the company.

How We Can Help

Now for the good news: AnswerAide may very well be the “answer” you’ve been searching for! As a team of virtual administrative assistants, we are available 24/7/365 to give your clients the personalized attention they require. By utilizing our services, your worries of covering breaks or last-minute call-outs are over. Our US-based representatives are thoroughly trained on the needs, goals, and assets of each company, and we will carefully follow your business model. AnswerAide specializes in inbound calls, billing/transactions, as well as many administrative tasks, so you can rest easier knowing your clients will be treated with the high-quality service they deserve.

Missed calls can weigh heavily on a company’s customer satisfaction and reputation, but as your personal virtual assistants, that problem is eliminated, as your clients’ questions and concerns will consistently be met with a kind, enthusiastic person who is eager to help. We also offer warm transfers as a service that can potentially help callers receive expedited assistance when situationally appropriate. AnswerAide handles calls in a very understanding manner, dramatically reducing irate and dissatisfied customers. Our mission is to provide extraordinary service each and every time, which will, in turn, encourage word-of-mouth testimonies, thus increasing the opportunity for a larger client base. We want the future for your company to be bright, so we will help it grow and thrive while saving you so much time and money in the process.

Even in the best-case scenario, finding the right candidate(s) to manage all of your business calls and tasks on-site will likely be time-consuming and expensive. Allow yourself to concentrate on the natural talents you possess in an effort to run your company smoothly and effectively; AnswerAide can take care of these things for you much more efficiently and removes 100% of the risks you may encounter when searching for the perfect receptionist or customer service representative. Consider making the change today, and watch your client satisfaction and peace of mind soar. In addition, AnswerAide secretarial services can offer additional services to help your company grow.