Are you considering hiring an answering service?

Whether you are considering hiring an answering service through us or any other company, here are the top 6 things to consider when hiring an answering service.

1. Do they answer the phone in a reasonable amount of time?

Call the company you are considering hiring. This allows you to confirm they not only answer their phones but do so within a reasonable amount of time. If they do not answer their phone calls, what do you think is happening with your phone calls? Just remember, according to a CBS article, 80% of callers will not leave a voice message today. How many lost sales will that accumulate for you?

2. What is the company’s hours of operations?

You don’t want to consider hiring an answering service that is not opened the hours you need them. Most answering services operate 24/7; however, it’s not always the case, so be sure to verify this information. For example, if you own a property management company and may receive an emergency call at 2 AM, you want to be sure a receptionist is available to receive that call.

3. What is their call capacity?

Find out how many callers they can handle at the same time? Some companies will either give your callers a busy signal or send them to voicemail when they are speaking to someone else on your line. If you plan on running television or radio ads, be sure to let the answering service know, because this type of advertising creates a ton of extra calls in the matter of a minute or two, and then they drop off.

4. Do they have a quality assurance department?

Find out what kind of quality control metrics that the company has in place for your outsource reception services. Do they monitor or record their calls? Do they work in an office building or from home? If they work from home, how do they prevent background noise? For example, your callers don’t want to hear kids screaming or dogs barking in the background? If it is in an office environment, how do they ensure that it doesn’t sound like a call center?

5. Does the company that you are considering scale with your business, or is it a one size fits all company?

Do they offer additional services to help you scale your business? For example, at AnswerAide, we scale with you as you grow. We can handle all your needs, whether it is answering the one or two occasional calls that your staff misses, or a full scale dedicated team of customer service representatives. We have all your needs covered when it comes to contact or call centers and customer service.

6. How does the company you are considering bill their customers?

Sadly, there are many hidden charges with answering services. Find out if the company has a minimum call time or round up their call times. Also, find out how frequently they bill or if they charge extra for outbound calls. To cover all your bases, ask about any other hidden fees when you are considering hiring an answering service.