Property Management Answering Service

The property management industry is highly competitive. Everyone is out to optimize their operations and get as many clients as possible. However, like every other field of business, your ability to make sales will depend significantly on customer satisfaction. This is where a property management answering service will benefit your business.

There are several ways to ensure customer satisfaction, and one of the most critical is through effective communication. While many property managers tend to have a dedicated staff for this, you might want to consider a property management answering service. Below are a few reasons why.

A Property Management Answering Service Is Much Cheaper Than Dedicated Staff

The average salary for a receptionist in the United States of over $28,000 annually, according to Glassdoor. A property management answering service comes at a significantly lower fixed cost.

Considering that most receptionists and customer service representatives answer calls and take messages, they allow you to handle this need without paying nearly as much.

24/7 Property Management Answering Service

To run a property management company, you must do more than merely maintain your buildings. You also need a solid reputation in the industry and community to attract the type of clients you want. Many customers will call in and send messages at odd times, and you must address them accordingly.

This is one of the primary benefits of a property management answering service. You need a system that allows you to respond to your tenant’s and property owner’s messages in real time, no matter when they call.

If your company takes too long to respond to messages, you risk frustrating your clients. Eventually, word will spread, and you could begin losing business. Answering requests and calls on time ensures you can keep your tenants happy.

A property management answering service enables you to virtually answer any complaints and respond to messages any time of the day without the hassle of needing to staff an office full-time.

Effective Emergency Help Response

Along with keeping your clients happy, you also need to keep them safe. If an emergency arises in one of your buildings at night, your customers shouldn’t have to wait until the next morning before they can call you for help.

A property management answering service makes it easy for you to have a standard emergency response protocol, which clients can rely on whenever an emergency arises. As they call 911 or any other emergency response service, they should also contact you for help when needed. With a property management answering service, you can get notifications in real time and provide the necessary support.

Provide an Efficient Client Response System

In less dire situations, a property management answering service can also improve your workflow. When clients call to report issues, the service can compile these requests and schedule maintenance and work orders for your team.

The service will also help manage a high influx of calls whenever a new building is available for tenants. By getting a report of inquiries, you can respond to potential and existing tenants based on importance. This equitable and swift response will help your company and its reputation, allowing you to rent units faster and more effectively.


Here is a quick recap of why you should get an answering service:

  • It’s a cheaper solution than hiring an employee to answer calls.
  • Screen calls that need attention now vs. what can wait until tomorrow.
  • We’ll allow your line to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It gives you the ability to respond to emergencies efficiently.
  • It ensures client satisfaction through prompt response to client concerns.

The property management industry is highly competitive, and you should also optimize your operations, maintain your client’s loyalty, and get as many clients as possible. You can do this by getting a property management answering service to help out. Try AnswerAide’s answering service out today, and you and your callers will be impressed with the level of service.

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