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Answer Aide's Answering Service Orlando, FL

Our Orlando, FL answering service can provide numerous benefits to businesses, including improving caller satisfaction, reducing wait times, and increasing sales. Here are some ways how an answering service can help:

  1. Improved caller satisfaction: An answering service can help improve caller satisfaction by providing a quick response to their inquiries. Customers who call your business want to speak to someone who can help them quickly and efficiently. An answering service can ensure that callers are greeted promptly, and their queries are resolved satisfactorily. This leads to a positive customer experience, which can help build loyalty and trust.

  2. Reduced wait times: Answer Aide can reduce the amount of time customers spend waiting on hold or waiting for a call back. When customers call your business, they don’t want to be put on hold for long periods. With our answering service, customers can receive immediate assistance, even during peak call times.

  3. Improved sales: Answer Aide’s answering service can help improve sales by ensuring that calls are answered promptly and efficiently. When customers call your business, they may be interested in purchasing a product or service. An answering service can help guide customers through the sales process, answer their questions, and even take orders on your behalf. This can help increase your sales and revenue.

  4. 24/7 availability: Orlando’s best answering service can provide 24/7 availability, which means that customers can reach your business at any time, even outside of business hours. This can be particularly helpful for businesses that operate in multiple time zones or have customers in different countries.

  5. Cost-effective: Our answering service can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that cannot afford to hire full-time staff to handle calls. With an answering service, you only pay for the calls that are handled, which can help you save money on staffing costs.

In conclusion, Answer Aide’s local Orlando, FL, answering service can help businesses improve caller satisfaction, reduce wait times, increase sales, provide 24/7 availability, and be a cost-effective solution for call handling.

We're Always Here For You

We are available 24/7/365, including holidays, for you and your callers.

Notifications On Your Terms

Receive notifications however you prefer. We can send you an email, text message, transfer the call, or even send you a fax.

CRM & Software Integration

We can integrate with most CRMs on the market, which saves you from having to type all that information in.

Local or Toll-Free Number

Do you want to give the impression of a national brand? We have toll-free numbers available! If you prefer to appear local, we can assign you any local number in the US.

Inbound/Outbound Call Handling

In addition to accepting your inbound calls, we can make follow-up calls to your existing leads and clients.

Call Patching

Do you need to patch certain callers to your or your staff? If so, we can set up rules for call patching, also known as call forwarding.

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Our Orlando Answering Service Pricing

AnswerAide can help you grow your business while saving you money. You will receive all the benefits of a full-time receptionist for just a fraction of the cost.

Pay As You Go

0 Minutes Included
$ 40
  • $1.65 Per Minute


125 Minutes Included
$ 150
  • $1.50 Per Additional Minute


450 Minutes Included
$ 475
  • $1.30 Per Additional Minute


700 Minutes Included
$ 720
  • $1.25 Per Additional Minute


1,000 Minutes Included
$ 1,000
  • $1.20 Per Minute


2,500 Minutes Included
$ 2,400
  • $0.99¢ Per Additional Minute


5,000 Minutes Included
$ 4,575
  • $0.95¢ Per Additional Minute


10,000 Minutes Included
$ 8,500
  • $0.89¢ Per Additional Minute

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Fun Facts About Orlando, FL

Orlando is home to both Disney World and Universal Studios.

Orlando was established as a city in 1885.

Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes.

Orlando is the most visited destination in the US and welcomes around 60 million visitors a year.

The Rogers Building, the oldest building in Orlando, dates back to around 1886.

The oldest tree in Orlando is estimated by some to be over 400 years old.

Over 30 species of endangered wildlife live in the Orlando wetlands, located in east Orange county.

Orlando was once the main hub of Florida’s citrus industry. A deep freeze in the late 1800s caused farms to move their crops further south.

Population: 1,923,000

Area Codes: 321, 407

Zip Codes: 32789, 32801, 32802, 32804, 32805, 32806, 32808, 32809, 32810, 32812, 32814, 32819, 32824, 32827, 32829, 32834, 32835, 32839, 32854, 32855, 32856, 32862, 32878, 32885, 32891, 32897, 32803, 32807, 32811, 32822, 32832, 32853, 32861, 32886

Nearby Cities: Fairview Shores, FL; Conway, FL; Pine Castle, FL; Pine Hills, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Azalea Park, FL; Winter Park, FL; Oak Ridge, FL; Maitland, FL; Lockhart, FL; Goldenrod, FL; Fern Park, FL; St. Petersburg, FL; St. Augustine, FL; Altamonte Springs, FL; Forest City, FL; Casselberry, FL; Tampa, FL