Considering whether you need a live answering service?

Live Answering Services Prevent Lost Sales

Live answering services will help keep your existing customers happy. Also, virtual receptionists usually make your customers feel well-taken care, which is an integral part of any business. However, there are different routes you can choose to provide customer service. You can rent office space and hire a receptionist to take calls. You can also try to accept incoming calls yourself.

However, if those calls go to voicemail, chances are you will never hear from that person again. Regardless of whether you have a dedicated employee to answer the phone or not, they won’t always be available. That one call that is missed because no one was available to answer the phone because they were occupied or gone for the day could cost your thousands of dollars in lost sales.

Typically when you get sent to voicemail, you wonder how long it will take for the company to get back to you. You might also be more likely to call another company for an estimate. I use to own a landscaping company and I can’t tell you how many times I heard:

I called twenty other companies and you were the only one that answered the phone. I don’t care about the price come on out and do the work.

That’s why it’s essential to answer every call when it comes in because otherwise, you are giving your competitors your business.

A live answering service is always there to answer your calls, with 24 hr answering service. Additionally, if you use a virtual receptionist, they can do an array of other things to help you.

Your Existing Clients Can Benefit From A Live Answering Service Too

It is essential to answer your phones for existing customers. Current customers might call for a multitude of reasons. However, if the calls go to voicemail more than once, your customers might consider dropping your service. This is especially true if you take too long to call them back, or constantly keep them holding to speak with you.

Answering the phone is essential in any business. But the question is, do you want to keep doing it yourself? You will risk missing new leads and important information from your clients. Alternatively, you could use a live answering service to take care of all your customers that call in.

The best part is you can genuinely WOW your customers with a 24 hr answering service. Learn more about customer service trends.

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