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If you’re using MegaPath: Dial *72. Call Forwarding Always Activation. Dial *90: Call Forwarding Busy Activation. Dial  *92: Call Forwarding No Answer Activation. Dial  *610: Assign the number of rings before the Call Forwarding No Answer treatment is applied to incoming calls.


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To do call forwarding with Jive, dial *72. Listen for the dial tone and enter your forwarding destination. This can be an internal extension or an external number. When finished, just hang up.


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For Grasshopper, you’ll see a button to “Add a forwarding number.” Just type in the number you want calls forwarded to. You can add up to six forwarding numbers per extension. Now you can decide when to forward and not to forward to it.

Google Voice

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For Google Voice, access settings in the top right of the screen. Select linked numbers and add the number. Select Send code. Repeat the code Google provides on the forwarded phone to verify the connection. Make sure the box next to ‘Forward calls to’ is checked. [...]


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For Frontier, when you hear a dial tone, dial  *72. You should hear a second dial tone, dial the number you want your calls forwarded to. Call Forwarding is activated when someone answers the number you dialed. For call forward busy, dial *90. Listen for a special dial tone, dial [...]


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To forward all calls through Comcast, dial *72 you’ll hear a dial tone. Dial the ten-digit destination number. Stay on the line until the number is picked up by voicemail. If no one is available to hang up and dial *72 in two minutes.  Dial *90 to activate call forwarding [...]


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For 8X8 you need to log into your account manager and go to the phone system. Once in the phone system, you need to click view all extensions. Find the extension whose forwarding rules you wish to set, then click Edit to the left. Scroll down to the Call [...]