If you’re asking: Does My Small Business Need An Answering Service?

The answer is simple! Are any of your customers or clients receiving your voicemail or worse, no answer at all? If you answered yes, that even one or two of your calls are going to voicemail, then you have two options. Either you need to hire or delegate another employee to handle those calls or hire a live answering service. So if you are asking if you need an answering service, you probably need an answering service.

Your customers and clients want to know that you value them.

Did you know that studies such as CBS show between 80-90% of potential customers or leads will not leave a message? You could inadvertently be sending your potential customers to your competitors. The reasons vary, such as most millennials don’t like voicemail, let alone the phone.

We live in the Amazon era, and most people expect everything to be instant. If you want to maximize your customer service and sales revenue, you need to make sure someone answers every call. What if that caller that you missed would have been your best customer ever? How many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars did you lose?

Who needs an answering service?

You may be wondering which type of companies may use an answering service. You may even think you have never spoken to a live answering service before. However, we would be willing to bet you have talked to an answering service before today. An answering service will have general information to answer the basic questions.

Here are a few types of companies that use live answering services:

  • Service providers such as lawn care, landscaping, heating and air, plumbers, barbershops, salons, handymen, maid services, and many others use live telephone answering services to manage their calls. Some may forward all their phone calls, while others use us for overflow calls or after-hours answering service.
  • Attorney Offices typically forward all their calls so that they can get all the information they need. Then the attorney is appropriately prep when they call that potential client back. They will also use answering services to schedule appointments for their attornies.
  • Doctors, dentists, and medical companies typically use answering services. They use them after hours, for overflow, and during their lunchtime. Medical providers can set up transfers for emergency calls to the appropriate person. They can also have the answering service set appointments or take messages.
  • Salespersons, Insurance Agents, Accountants, and Real Estate Agents enjoy using answering services to cover their overflow and after-hour calls. These individuals often have irregular schedules and meetings. A live answering service can help them, especially when they are with another customer or in a meeting.

Contact AnswerAide today if you want to take your business to the next level and stop missing lost opportunities. Were we able to help you answer your question: Does my small business need an answering service? Learn 5 ways an answering service may benefit your company.