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Answering Services for Accountants & Tax Firms

Like every business, accounting firms have a significant need for effective customer relations. Handling calls is a considerable part of that, and you need to have an effective means of getting that done. While many firms tend to hire full-time staff, there is also the option of getting an answering service for accountants. In this post, you will learn why the latter choice is usually the best option for your business.

Make the Right Impression on First-time Customers

When clients want to do business with your firm, their first call of contact will usually be someone responsible for handling your phones. They say first impressions are lasting. It is essential to make the right impression when someone comes to you or your firm for the first time.

With an accounting firm answering service, you have the right set of professionals to help you make the right impression when clients call in for the first time. Answering service agents are trained to respond with professionalism and courtesy, which means you are guaranteed to make a good first impression.

An answering service will create a better impression than, say, an auto-response system. Real people are also more flexible, and callers tend to be more receptive to them.

Treat Your Callers as Priorities

Your customers are your most significant resource, so it is only right that you treat them with the respect they deserve. When customers call in, it might seem fair to spread their calls around the office. That tactic might even work for a while. However, it will ultimately result in some critical calls getting to ill-prepared people.

One of the benefits that an answering service for accountants provides is that it will help you effectively prevent any negative situations. The agents at these services understand how to handle calls however urgent or possibly nasty they may seem.

Information Collection

An accounting firm answering service will also help to collect some valuable information for you. Agents can be trained to take down critical lead details from calls, essentially allowing you to retain customers and keep them in the fold.

With the details you get, following up on leads will be much easier.

Effective Appointment Scheduling

Depending on how effectively and quickly you can integrate an answering service for accountants into your company, they should make automatic appointments for your new clients.

This benefit will help your staff free up time to run appointments and improve their work effectiveness.

Ready Answers on The Go

There are some minor questions that your staff cannot waste time answering every time. Questions concerning availability, office hours, charge rates, and more can be incredibly mundane.

An accounting firm answering service can take care of these calls, answering simple questions instead of your full-fledged staff members.

The answering service will have enough time to understand your company and its operating schedule. They will be able to effectively answer these operation-related questions whenever customers ask.

Save Some Money

An answering service for accountants is much more affordable than hiring full-time receptionists to take calls. There are plenty of costs associated with hiring an employee that you can avoid entirely with an answering service. Since they provide the same benefits, you can agree that these services are much more cost-effective.

AnswerAide Can Assist Your Firm

Our virtual receptionists are standing by to assist your callers so that you never miss a call again. Check out more information about our answering services.

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