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5 Simple Steps to Streamline Your Business

When you own a business, there are a lot of tasks to complete. As an owner, you must make sure you take care of your clients and your employees. If you are overwhelmed, the good news is there are a lot of simple programs that can help streamline your business and keep it organized.



Using a program like Paychex will help streamline your business by helping to manage your payroll. Paychex will keep track of all the hours that your employees work during the week, and automatically calculate the hours at the end of the week. Paychex will also add in the necessary payroll taxes and pay them to the appropriate agencies. Paychex will also direct deposit employees’ paychecks into the bank account that is on file. If you have an employee that does not have a bank account, Paychex offers packages that include printed checks or a pay card.


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A program like Bamboo HR helps to streamline your business by making it easy to keep all your employee information organized. When you log onto Bamboo, you will see a dashboard screen, and from there, you can select any one of your employees. The employee information screen will include all necessary documentation for the employee, including an offer letter, a copy of their resume, as well as signed documents like a background check form. Employees can request time off in the program and view the status of their time-off requests. Bamboo will also keep track of any vacation, sick, or holiday hours that an employee accrued.



Two programs can help your team work together and streamline your business. The first program is Microsoft Teams. In Microsoft Teams, you can chat with your team. You are also able to store any documents that your team has sent through the chat. Teams also provides a calendar that meetings can be entered. In Teams, you can post schedules for your employees to view.

Trello is another excellent program that can help you stay organized. You can make a company board that you can use to keep track of things that employees have taken care of, as well as things that still need to be accomplished. In Trello, you can tag employees to assign them to a specific task, as well as assign a time limit that the team needs to complete a task. You can archive items on a Trello board, which gives you the ability to remove things but store them if you need to reference them later.



Having an answering service can not only streamline your business but also help to save you a lot of time. No longer do you have to wait by the phone for a potential customer or current client to call. You can spend your time tending to office matters and running your company. AnswerAide will handle all your calls or just your overflow and after-hours calls.

Once your account is set up, AnswerAide will integrate into the CRM that you are using and take all necessary information from the client that is calling. Calls get filtered by new lead, message, and nuisance. If a new lead calls, the data will automatically generate into your CRM. If a client calls and has a question about service, a receptionist will take all necessary information, allowing you to know what that client is requesting. Notifications can be sent right away, and all calls will appear on a call summary at the end of the day.


Running a business is not easy. There is always a lot to keep up with between employees and clients. Utilizing different services like the ones mentioned above can help free up your time and streamline your business so that you can focus on the bigger picture, building your company.

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