Live Inbound Answering Service

5 Certain Benefits To Using A Live Inbound Answering Service

You and your staff have a lot on your plate already. By hiring a live inbound answering service, you can streamline your business, saving time, money, and improving your customer satisfaction.  

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There are five major ways that a live inbound answering service can help your small business.  


The main reason you should consider using a live inbound answering service is that your customers will be satisfied. As a business owner, you cannot sit by the phone all day waiting for customers to call you. The trouble is, if you do not answer the phone and clients get your voicemail, they might not leave a message. If they consistently call about an issue and always have trouble reaching you, they might start to think that you do not value them as a customer.

By having a live answering service, someone is always there to answer your calls and speak to your clients giving your company a professional appearance.  


Another reason to consider using a live inbound answering service is that they can gather and qualify your leads. When a new lead calls, an answering service will gather all the necessary information. Additionally, if the potential client is calling about setting up an estimate for a landscape project an answering service can schedule the estimate for you and add it to your calendar. This way, you do not have to worry about calling the customer back. 

We can also qualify your new leads for you. For example, you own a landscaping company and you only mow lawns weekly, you do not offer bi-weekly service. If someone calls and asks for biweekly lawn mowing, we can tell them that at this point we are only accepting customers on a weekly basisThis way, you do not have to waste your time with someone who is not interested in your service.  


When you sign up for an account with AnswerAide, we will fully customize your account for any and all call types you receive. Once you set up an account, we will talk to you to see what kinds of calls you get and what information you want from the caller. We can take all necessary information form new leads as well as existing clients. We can set up your account so that if someone calls and asks for you specifically, we can transfer the call to you. Need to schedule appointments? No problem. You can receive notifications anyway that you prefer.  


By having a live inbound answering service, you are automatically able to extend your office hours. Everyone needs to sleep, but just because you are closed doesn’t mean your customers or potential customers are not thinking about you. Some of your customers might work crazy hours and might call your company at 4 AM. Imagine their surprise when someone answers the phone. This is just one more way in which your company can WOW your customers.   


At AnswerAide we are also able to make outbound calls on your behalf. AnswerAide can make outbound calls to follow up with new leads that have gone cold, or to update billing information. We can also make calls to schedule appointments for your company, or to change the time of an existing appointment or estimate.