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10 Surprising Things Quality Answering Service Can Provide

The Importance of Always Being There

Being available for your customers when they reach out to you is what matters most. As soon as their call goes to an automated voice recording, it greatly affects the trust they have in your company to always be there for them.

With a team of live virtual assistants like those at AnswerAide, this common problem and many more are eliminated! By forwarding your customers to our remote representatives, we help you save time and money while improving the effectiveness of your business. Whether your company is just starting out or more established with a large clientele, we will always be there to answer the call. If you have never considered using a high quality answering service to help your company, here are 10 ways you may not know of that we can be of service:

1. Quality Care

A professional answering service will always handle your customers’ call as though they are in-house. We do not inform them or let on that we are actually answering from a remote area.

We follow the customized scripts you provide us with in an effort to stay consistent. We want to make sure we represent your business in the most skillful way possible.

The live virtual assistants your company needs will handle all call the way you want. At AnswerAide, we take care of each and every one of your clients as if we were a part of your actual office staff.

2. Scheduling

A superior answering service will have the capacity to schedule your company’s appointments; anything scheduled or changed will be sent directly to the appropriate employees so you stay informed.

Live virtual assistants will help your company stay organized, which eliminates wasted time and errors.

3. Staying Informed

When your clients have a question, a quality answering service will be able to offer the correct information when your staff is not available. Your business will surely flourish with this level of customer service.

We will be there without fail any time your customers need help with any problem, including after hours.

4. Live Chat Service

In this age of technology, many clients seek information on the websites that they are interested in. By offering live web support, customers will be encouraged to engage with your business immediately, and a great answering service can do exactly that.

Whenever they have a question or are in need of help, a live virtual assistant will be available; this increases their chances of looking to move forward with your company’s services.

5. Data Entry

With a professional answering service, your clients’ account will information will be updated immediately as soon as possible. It is important for business sales when requests for services are promptly put in and processed quickly, otherwise your company could lose those sales.

6. Technical Support

When a client experiences discontent with your company’s services, it is imperative that their issues be handled in a timely manner; when you choose a quality answering service, the team should be well equipped to process these complications immediately.

Answering your company’s calls 24/7 helps get your customers’ need met quickly no matter when they call.

7. Responding to Emails

Since it can take up a lot of time to sift through a high volume of emails, forwarding your emails to a company like AnswerAide can prove to be very helpful and efficient.

Your team of live virtual assistants should be able to read and respond to your customers promptly so nothing gets lost in the heap. Many clients are very reliant on sending out emails as an effective communication to these businesses, so it is important to keep up with these demands.

8. Always Available

One reason for looking to a high quality answering service is to increase your company’s ability to provide round-the-clock service to your clients. If everyone of your callers has the questions or concerns taken care of on the spot, their satisfaction with your business will increase dramatically. Most companies do not have the inherent capacity to communicate with customers 24/7, so hiring a virtual answering service can really come in handy.

Keeping every client satisfied during traditional office hours can prove very difficult to pull off. In the likely case that this isn’t possible, it can negatively impact your company’s ability to profit.

9. No More Voicemail

Gone are the days where your clients are forced to leave a voice recording or be placed on hold; with a team of live virtual assistants, your company can leave the days of voicemail and checking the answering machine behind for good!

It’s a good idea to make the switch if your voicemail box is consistently being occupied, has messages left after business hours, or if your current crew of employees are unable to catch every call as they come through.

Oftentimes, clients will not call back or leave a message if the business they contact goes to an answering machine.

10. We Customize for You

When it comes to helping a company succeed, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Make sure the live virtual assistants caring for your customers has multiple packages that can be customized to work for you.

If your company is in need of better organization, customer support, or simply handling a high volume of calls, AnswerAide can benefit your company greatly. We can make your company stand out above the rest by providing the excellent customer service your clients deserve.

2 thoughts on “10 Surprising Things Quality Answering Service Can Provide”

  1. Thomas Clarence

    It was informative when you explained that an answering service can allow your business to provide round-the-clock services. Implementing a phone answering service in a medical practice makes a lot of sense because people can get sick at all times of the day. It seems like it would be helpful to have people on hand that can help sick people know how to treat their symptoms.

  2. Elaina D'Agostino

    You were right when you said having an answering service increase’s a company’s ability to provide round-the-clock service. This is especially important for clinics that operate 24/7. I work for one. It would be helpful if we could get an answering service so patients would know that we’re available, and they could visit us.

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